Update February 2018

Exciting times ahead as we edge closer to the day this project really gets going. We’ve made great progress recently and we’re  currently working through a few final agreements and getting through all the paperwork which goes into starting a new venture here, then we’ll be ready to move onto the site and get cracking!

We’re currently in a phase of the project in which we would like to gather as much information as possible, and learn as much as we can. We have of course been doing our own research into sustainable technology, building in the tropics, permaculture, waste management, water managent, community engagement, and almost all other aspects of a project such as this. But, we still have a long way to go and we are very open to advice, assistance, support and on-the-ground help. Perhaps you have experience of setting up or working in an off-grid resort or other sustainable development? We’re almost certainly a little naive to the potential challenges and pitfalls which are just around the corner, so please get in touch!

We’re also now at the stage where we can start looking for volunteers to come and help on the site. We forsee this as a collaborative build in which like-minded people from the world can gather to share knowledge and skills, lend a hand, and experience the birth of a truly unique eco-friendly beach hostel.

If you have specific skills to offer, whatever they may be, please get in touch via our number in Jakarta or via Facebook (links at the bottom of this page).

We’re also looking for creatives – painters, artists, designers, architects, carpenters – to come and inject something a bit special into the project.

And finally, please help spread the word. We think that we are on the brink of developing a budget beach paradise which really stands alone in Asia. There are very few true eco hostels in the world in the first place, and Six Degrees will be a showcase for the very latest and best environmentally friendly technologies, building practices, and business operation. Let people know by liking us on facebook, sharing articles, or just good ol’ fashioned word-of-mouth.

More updates to come soon. 2018 is going to be special!



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