The Plan

Right, so we’re finally ready to get started. The company has been formed, we have a group of volunteers waiting to join us in the next few months, and we’re flying over to start building in the next few days.

We envisage the build process will last around 6 months, so if you would like to visit and lend a hand, we’d love to host you. You’ll get a place to sleep (will be camping until we build the rooms!) and food, as well as a chance to spend time in a truly unique part of the world, building a truly unique beach hostel.

The plan is evolving, and looks something like this:

  1. Build a camp for workers and volunteers. This will include beds, storage, a workshop, a fire pit and barbeque, and a hub for meetings.
  2. Source local builders, designers, artists and suppliers
  3. Get the solar farm installed – we’ll need power for the build.
  4. Get the farm started. We have a lot to learn about permaculture, but we’re excited to grow as much of our own food as possible on-site.
  5. Sort out the water situation. A precious resource in this part of the world, and we don’t want to truck it in! We have a well around a mile away, but we will see if there’s fresh ground water on site. We’re also going to build solar seawter desalination experiments. We’ve been told it can’t be done on our budget, but that makes us even more determined.
  6. Build the dorm longhouse – initially for volunteers to use.
  7. Build a few treehouses and chillout platforms. Just because we can.
  8. Build the bar and lounge. This will be the Six Degrees ‘money shot’- a wonderful wooden construction on a low cliff next to the beach, looking out at sunset over the ocean. Designs are still in development, and we want to infuse plenty of local craftsmanship and creativity into this key social focal point.
  9. Arrange the sanitation system. We’ll be developing our own composting toilets, as well as grey water recycling systems. We have plenty of innovative ideas surrounding this, as well experts from around the world to help make it happen and get the design right at the beginning,
  10. Start building bungalows. This will take a while, as we want each one to be unique. The current plan is for a 2 level design. An open chillout zone below, and sleeping area upstairs, with a semi-outdoor bathrrom at the back. We’re not going to use air conditioning, so ventilation and allowing wind through the rooms will be a key part of the design.
  11. Finishing touches. Making everything beautiful.
  12. Waiting for our first guests.

While all of this is happening we’ll also be getting to know the local community, and together finding ways to engage with the people in our area. We’ll need some employees, obviously, but also a range of partnerships for supplies, cultural tours and experiences, education, and much more. We’re not moving into their area just to build walls and make money. Together will the local community we’ll have a much more meaningful, sustainable business.

Quit your job. Volunteer at Six Degrees Sulawesi!


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