Welcome to the future home of Six Degrees Eco Beach.

We’re creating a budget off-grid beach paradise in Central Sulawesi, something really quite special in an unexplored, stunningly beautiful part of Northern Indonesia.

At this site you’ll be able to chart our progress, get in touch, and volunteer to help!


Six Degrees Sulawesi will be a collaborative build. This means we’re engaging with the local community and working with their craftsmen, traditional designs, materials and expertise.

It also means we’re collaborating with the rest of the world. Whether or not you have specific skills to offer, we’d be happy to host you at the beach in return for a few hours per day of help. Working together, you’ll have an adventure in Sulawesi, and play a part in the creation of a really unique showcase of sustainable technology and methods. And you’ll be living on a stunning tropical beach for free!

Fill in the form below for more information, or to apply to volunteer in Sulawesi!


Six Degrees Sulawesi will finally deliver to travellers something that they have until now been unable to find in Indonesia; an off-the-beaten-track eco-friendly beach oasis experience in an unknown, unexplored, unexploited, beautiful location.


The Plan

Right, so we’re finally ready to get started. The company has been formed, we have a group of volunteers waiting to join us in the next few months, and we’re flying over to start building in the next few days. We envisage the build process will last around 6 months, so if you would like …

Call for Volunteers!

It’s time! Would you like to be involved in building one of the most innovative, environmentally conscious beach hostels ever?


We’re located in the donggala regency of Central Sulawesi. We’re around one hour from Palu airport.

You can reach us by plane from Jakarta, or from Bali or Singapore via Makassar.

To get in touch drop an email to hi@6djakarta.com – we’re currently running the operation from Jakarta but once the office is built at the site we’ll have a permanent presence in Sulawesi.

See you soon!